Everglory Is A Scam iPhone Parts Supplier

They Scam Customers By Selling Defect iPhone & Samsung LCD Assembly And Do Not Accept Returns

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Everglory have incredibly poor Quality Control. 50% of all Samsung LCD assemblies we ordered have obvious defects

When we sent the screens back they claimed most of them were not there screens and refused to replace or refund the others.


They send orders with missing parts, which we are still waiting for a refund on, when I asked about the refund Andy Wong send me a picture of the company, saying they are on company activities… for 4 days in the middle a working week? 

Dealing with Everglory as a supplier for iPhone & Samsung parts has been the worst experience for us as a busy repair company. 

My advise is to avoid them, or at best tread very carefully. Do not use bank transfer, ask for PayPal.

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Ever Glory International Electronics Co.,Ltd is also known as ShenZhen Ever Glory Photoelectric Co.,Ltd. They are the same supplier.

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